The ISG.EE maintains additional packages for the Ubuntu Linux distribution to adapt it to the environment of the ETH Zurich. We call the resulting Linux installation Ubuntu + ISG.EE Add-Ons.

Please note if you are looking for information about the Linux installation on desktops managed by ISG.EE or the computer infrastructure of D-ITET, this is not the right place. Go to http://computing.ee.ethz.ch.


On this web site, you can find information about the ISG.EE Add-Ons and general usage of Ubuntu at ETH Zurich. Currently we cover the following topics:

How to use this site

If you just want to read the contents, you can browse through this site as you do on any other web site.

If you are a member of ETH Zurich, you are invited to add or edit the contents of this wiki-based web site. Just log in using your n.ethz account and start writing.

If you don't know how to use a wiki, here follows a quick wiki introduction:

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